Host BlackBerry apps for download on IIS

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You can host your compiled and Signed app on your website for end-users to download to their phones without uploading to the BlackBerry app store.

  • After you compile and sign your app, copy all the output files to a directory on your webserver
  • Create an html page that points to the .jad file
    Example: <a href=myapp.jad>Download BlackBerry app</a>
  • Modify the Mime-Types on that directory to allow downloading .jad and .cod files
  • In IIS select your website, click on Mime Types
  • Add a new type,
    use .jad for File name extension
    and text/  for Mime type
  • Add (or edit existing) .cod type
    use: .cod for File name extension
    type: application/vnd.rim.cod for Mime type

Multiple Exchange Accounts in Outlook

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I needed to connect to 2 accounts on the Exchange Server from my Outlook 2007. When I tried to add a second account, an error message said it is not supported.

I understand that the upcoming Outlook 10 will have this support built in. In the meantime, I found this article from Microsoft: 

It describes how you can add a delegate to your second account, then open it under the first account.

Outlook 2007 keeps asking for Password on Exchange 2007

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I have a new installation of Outlook 2007 on Windows 7 connecting to Exchange 2007. The client is not in the domain of the Exchange server. I found 2 fixes online, together they fixed the problem.

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Delete any network passwords saved for the exchange server (in Windows 7 click Start and type Network Passwords, click on Manage Network Passwords)
  3. Rename the folder under this path “%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Protect” to something else (I added -old to the end). I got this step from this website, thank you:
  4. Login to Outlook and check the box to save password

Streaming from a Web Server

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this article from Microsoft is really thorough on how to setup your server and website to stream media.

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